Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

Oregon's entire Imnaha pack is threatened with extermination. A couple weeks ago there were 24 wolves in Oregon. Today there are only 17. Please help us stop the killing!

June 8, 2011 - The level of persecution aimed at Oregon's struggling wolf population has reached a crescendo in the last few weeks, culminating in the likely move of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) officials to kill off the entire Imnaha pack.  Please contact the key decision-makers immediately to stop this outrageous assault.

On May 5, 2011, the very day wolves were removed from federal protection under the Endangered Species Act and came under state protection, ODFW issued kill orders for two wolves of the Imnaha pack in remote NE Oregon.  The kill orders were in response to two reported wolf depredations on cattle. 

During the week of May 16, ODFW baited a leghold trap with a cow carcass on private property, caught and killed a young wolf.  The same evening a cow was reported killed by a wolf, and two days later another young wolf was shot by ODFW.

On June 5 ODFW again issued kill orders for two more Imnaha pack wolves after another reported cow depredation. The use of cow carcasses as bait indiscriminately attracts wolves to livestock and sets them up for the equivalent of entrapment.

During this frenzy of baiting and killing, ODFW issued 24 kill permits to ranchers to shoot wolves seen in the act of attacking livestock on public or private land. There are more kill permits than there are wolves in the entire state.

The Imnaha pack is now estimated at just eight wolves, roughly half its size. 

Still this is not enough.  ODFW officials have stated that they are considering killing off the entire pack. 

Take action below by contacting the Oregon Fish & Wildlife commission members, the governor, and your legislators.

Contact These Key Decision-Makers Today!

Decision-makers are clearly hearing from and responding to cattle ranchers.  Even though ranchers are fully reimbursed for losses confirmed to be due to wolves, they will not be satisfied until every wolf is once again driven out of Oregon. They need to hear from you! 

We have joined key environmental groups in a letter to Oregon officials expressing outrage at how ODFW is carrying out the state's duty to protect an endangered species.  Please join us and speak up for the remaining wolves of the Imnaha pack by contacting:

Learn More about the Challenges Facing Wolves

Wolves were taken off the federal Endangered Species List on April 15, 2011, when President Obama signed the federal budget into law. This means that Oregon wolves are no longer federally protected and are now strictly under state management. Learn more about the challenges facing America's wolves and our work to protect them in Wolves at Risk.

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