A Call to Boycott Wyoming

Wyoming grabbed international headlines in April 2024, thanks to a resident named Cody Roberts, who ran down a wolf with his snowmobile and tortured her for hours before killing her. The only punishment the state administered was a fine of $250. We want Wyoming to severely punish him for animal cruelty and utterly reform their wildlife policies, but as of June 2024 they have taken no substantive action.  Read more below at your own discretion, and please take action to pressure Wyoming to do the right thing.

Image of Wyoming landscape calling it top destination for animal cruelty

The 2024 Wyoming Wolf Torture and Killing Incident

We only know the details of the Wyoming wolf torture because of an after-the-fact report from an eyewitness who was granted anonymity. That person shared the following details, which we caution you not to read if you feel it might be too much. You can instead go directly to speak out for reform.

Photo of tortured Wyoming wolf in bar

On February 29, 2024, Wyoming resident Cody Roberts ran down a female wolf with his 700-pound snowmobile, severely injuring her. He then wrapped tape tightly around her muzzle, took her to his home, and allegedly let his neighbor’s dogs torment her while he took a long nap and ate dinner. Later he took her to a bar owned by his aunt so others could join in the torturing. This went on for hours, during which the wolf was fitted with a shock collar and patrons took multiple photos and videos. He subsequently took her out back behind the bar, beat her, and killed her.

In Wyoming all manner of killing and torturing native predators is allowed, including what Roberts did. For his act of animal cruelty, he merely received only a $250 fine for the misdemeanor of possessing a live wolf. Cody Roberts is only one of countless people--especially in Northern Rocky Mountain states like Wyoming, Idaho and Montana--who behave this way towards wolves and other essential predators.

Former U.S. Congressman Peter DeFazio Speaks out on Wyoming Wolf Atrocity

Former Congressman Peter FeDazio was the longest serving U.S. House member in Oregon's history. While he retired from Congress in 2022, he remains a good friend and incredible ally for wolves and predator protections. See retirement tribute

On May 20, 2024, DeFazio issued the following statement about the Wyoming wolf atrocity:

"After the 36 years I spent in Congress, I thought I’d heard and seen it all. I was wrong.

"The recent horrific act of torture to a young female wolf in Wyoming cannot just be punished with a $250 fine. It needs to bring longstanding change in how America views wolves and other vital native predators.

"A wolf experiences just as much pain and terror as my dog would under the same circumstances and I find this Wyoming resident’s behavior unconscionable. This is not about politics; it’s about simple humaneness and decency. It’s also critical that the American public understands the vast majority of these incidents of ‘wolf whacking’ are happening on public lands, their lands. At a bare minimum, whacking of animals with snowmobiles and other vehicles should be banned on public lands in every state.

"Ultimately, states like Wyoming, Idaho and Montana must end their unnecessary, unscientific war on predators. Their arguments about protecting livestock and game herds have never held up to scientific scrutiny. In reality, politics and special interest money from the trophy hunting and livestock industries have led to these poor animals being demonized by the very wildlife agencies responsible for “managing” them. Their barbaric policies have created the atmosphere for ongoing atrocities to occur.

"I applaud the efforts of Predator Defense and other conservation organizations working to bring this tragedy to light and pressing for lasting change."

Speak Out for Reform & Urge Your Contacts to Boycott Wyoming

Politicians are hoping this story will just fade away, so they can go back to business as usual. But Wyoming is feeling the heat of a fierce public backlash and has already pulled all wildife tourism ads. Meanwhile state officials continue to say they value wildlife--that its "protection and preservation are of utmost importance." This is a lie. Their state wildlife policies, which they refer to as the "gold standard" of wildlife management, allow ongoing torture and killing of wolves and other vital native predators.

Let's not let them get away with this. Let's pump up and maintain the volume, while being as polite as possible. Here are actions we recommend you take:

  • CONTACT WYOMING'S GOVERNOR - Tell Wyoming's Governor, Mark Gordon, that Cody Roberts needs to be substantively punished for his animal cruelty and you won't be visiting his state until it reforms its wolf policies and bans torturing and intentionally running over wildlife.
    PHONE: 307-777-7434
    ONLINE: Submit message at  https://governor.wyo.gov/contact/governor
  • BOYCOTT WYOMING - Tell Wyoming's tourism folks that Cody Roberts needs to be punished for his cruelty and you won't be visiting their state until they reform their wolf policies and ban torturing and intentionally running over wildlife.
    PHONE: 307-777-7777 or 800-225-5996
    EMAIL: tourism@wyo.gov
    WEBSITE: https://travelwyoming.com/contact-us/
    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/visitwyoming
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