ALERT ARCHIVE: Oregon Wolf Wars

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

URGENT! State issues kill orders. Oregon's first and main wolf pack to be destroyed! Your calls and emails needed immediately to stop this tragedy-in-progress!

ODFW Killing Alpha Male of OR's First Breeding Wolf Pack!

September 27, 2011 - Please contact Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife NOW!

Kill orders went out on the alpha male and another member of the Imnaha wolf pack on September 23, 2011. The pack used to number 16, now it is down to four, and will soon be a mere two: the alpha female and this year's pup. The other wolves were either killed by ODFW or have dispersed from the area.

On May 5, 2011 wolves lost federal protection under the Endangered Species Act and the state took over wolf "management." By mid-May, ODFW had killed two wolves of the Imnaha pack. Now they are gunning for two more, including the alpha male. Without the alpha male and the other wolf, the female and pup will perish and the Imnaha pack will be destroyed.

Livestock owners are loudly decrying loss of cattle and demanding that wolves be killed every time any predation occurs. They are reimbursed for losses due to wolves. Decision makers need to hear from taxpayers and voters NOW who support wolves!!! If we are not vocal and heard, Oregon wolves will not make it.

Is there any contest here? Endangered species vs. cattle? Especially since cattle losses are reimbursed with your tax dollars!!!

Please forward this alert to friends and family and contact the following authorities immediately and voice your opinion:

Thank you for your help!